Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Weird things...

Several weird things happened yesterday:

  1. Mrs Mawoo and I were due to go camping next week, just up the road from Boscastle. We're not going camping there now.
  2. Went out for a beer with th guy behind Holidays For All. If you go to any of the language subsections, and they appear in glorious Gujurati, or beautiful Bengali, I did that (Well, made the text render properly, anyway!), So that was cool.
  3. Spoke to a friend of mine when I got home, and the organisation I used to work for might be wanting to get me back in for a day or two doing some work on their old membership database. He's ordered me to charge them plenty for it!

Not very weird, I grant you, but certainly intersting. It would seem there are a few people out there who reckon I know something worth paying for. Not that's weird!

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