Thursday, May 19, 2005


I've been very quiet of late. I know this.

I've been doing something even more fun than simply writing code. Writing code for money!

Yes. I've been in my job for a couple of months, now, and it's really good fun. Okay, sometimes it's not, but then most of the time it is.

I sadi a while ago that it was really useful having a second person in the background telling you where your application sucks, or at the very ;east not where it sucks, but what would make it even cooler.

Well now I have a whole squad of them. The upshot of it is that although I'm not reading so much, I am teaching myself lots of quite cool things. There are a couple of reasons why I haven't been frantically blogging about them:

  1. It's nothing particularly new
  2. It's not neccessarily .NET focused (I've been doing a bit of JavaScript, bit of network type stuff and so on...)
  3. It's not that interesting (I mean, who really wants to know about freezing table headings a la Excel?

So I've been quiet. There are stil a whole bunch of things I'm planning on doing in th enot too distant future, though:
  1. Get a wireless Router
  2. Get a New suit
  3. Start writing my software Magnum Opus
  4. lPut together a code library to help me write stuff after my software Magnum Opus
  5. Get a proper host
  6. Register my very own domain name
  7. Some other crap, I'm sure.

But what I've noticed is that now I write code for a living, rather than wanting to do less for fun, I actually want to do more for fun.

So that's where I've been. I've got a whole host of not-quite-so-new ASP.NET stuff to write about, couple of false starts, and an entire code demo in the making, which'll be along shortly.

Anyway. Just wanted to share.

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