Sunday, October 02, 2005

Non Smokers look away now...

I know it's a particularly anti-social habit, as well as being about the least politically correct thing one can do, but I am a smoker.

Even worse, I don't even have the decency to be a victime of smoking. I dont't smoke 'Because I Can't Help It' or 'Because I need to' or any ligitimate reason like that.

I smoke because, bad as it is, and an unpopular an opinion as it is, I actually enjoy it. Every cigarette is as good as the last, and so on and so forth.

I smoke for the same reason some people eat chocolate. It's nice. It makes me feel good and I like it.

So I've just got one thing to say in this post. If you're a smoker, try a shisha pipe. I brought one back from my holiday in Egypt, and it's a really nice smoke. Bought back 4 flavours of tobacco, Cappucino, Pistachio, Apple and Cola (just to see what it was like). I'm working my way through my Cappucino at the minute, and it's really quite nice. Doesn't taste much like coffee, but it certainly has something about it that's coffee-esque.

Really quite nice. And smoing a shisha's very nice as well. I heartily recommend it.

Apologies for irrelevance, political incorrectness and bad-for-your-healthness.

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