Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So much stuff, so little time...

Gah! So busy of late! Been writing lots of C#, and here are my cool features, in no particular order, and with no (at the time of writing) links (Sorry).

  • Refactoring Support
  • Windows Forms designer guide lines
  • Generics - say no more
  • Partial classes

There are so many more as well. I just love it. The joy is back.

Been working on some other cool stuff as well:
SQL Reporting Services - Just check it out. They rule!
SQL Server 2005 in general - Okay, I'm cheating. I'm on a SQL Server 2005 course this week.

Yes. I'm afraid there's nothing new to report. I'm just a jobbing developer, after all. Although I must admit, that amid the furore over the minor bugs that still inevitably remain in VS2005, Mike Gunderloy has some words of sanity.

Not a lot to share, but I have anyway. So there!

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