Thursday, October 07, 2004

That's what I was after...

Just found UI Patterns and Techniques (via Duncan Mackenzie)

I've been looking for a site like this for a while now. UI design is something that I've been kind of thinking abot for a little while. There's a very good site here that's got just bucketloads of UI design disasters and successes. Unfortunately, it's starting to get a bit old (It hasn't been updated or a number of years...), and although a lot of the advice on there is still very valid, there are some aspects where the technology and users have moved on and adopted (rightly or wrongly) some of the design widgets on there.

Patterns and Techniques is more up to date, featuring a lot of the design-schema (if that's a real world) adopted from the web. Although I'm not a big fan of web-style windows apps, I know many people do find them quite familiar and intuitive to use, so I guess they're here to stay.

Just wanted to share.

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