Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Great little Add-in

I've been meaning to give the Copy Source as HTML a go fro ages. I reckon it would make my life much easier when it comes to code samples. And of course it would. Half the reason I don't put too many code samples on my blog is that I don't have the patience to read plain black text, nor do I have the patience to go through and manually highlight big blocks of code.

Lucky, then, that I now have this neat little VS add-in to let me put in things like this:

    Protected Function GetSubordinates(ByVal EID As Integer) As DataView

        GetSubordinates = New DataView(GetEmployees.Tables(0))

        GetSubordinates.RowFilter = "ReportsTo = " & EID

        Return GetSubordinates

    End Function

Useless bit of junk code, but hey neato! Just copied and pasted strainght in.


Apologies for only just getting on the bandwagon...

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