Saturday, July 09, 2005

Unbundle your products, dammit!

Bundled products are nice, especialy when you can get it cheaper buying the bundle.

However, I wish Logitech would unbundle their keyboards and mice.

I got one of the ealier Logitech cordless desktops a couple of years ago, and after a while the mouse packed up. No wories, I got a nice new MX100 laser mouse. Sweet!

However, it looks like my keyboard might be on its way out as well. Stupid thing - I spilt coffee on it yesterday, and having a look at it this morning, the printed circuity bit under the keys themselves is beginning to corrode. Should last a little longer, but I think I'll be looking at a new keyboard some time soonish.

What I really fancy is the nice Logitech MX 3100.


I already have the mouse, so I just want the MX3000 keyboard on its own. And can I get one? Can I buggery! I can ge the mouse on its own, not problem. But keyboard without the mouse? Hmmph!

Just wanted to rant. Grrr!

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