Thursday, July 07, 2005

Quick bit of Woo-age!

I know many of you have been following my glittering career with interest, awaiting every new development from the rollercoaster ride of one man trying to get someone to give him cash for code.

The last exciting installment saw me feeling like a cheap, washed up lady of the night, flaunting myself with that air of desparation common to jobseekers and ladies 'of a certain age' in night clubs.

Well as with all these things, it's paid off. I've found gainful employment with another company.

I'm actually quite chuffed with that. I think all told it took me 3 weeks between being told the old company were going to have to let me go, and finding some other sucker company to give me money for writing code.

I'm really stoked with them too. The interview made me think 'Hey, this is somewhere I really want to work'. There's some interesting stuff on the horizon, they're already looking at and training up on SQL Server 2005, VS 2005, .NET 2.0 and all that good stuff, which is a real rarity in the UK (I've discovered...).

Anyway. Just wanted to share some of my joy.

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