Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Nothing new, but just to remind myself...

Just watched Scott Hanselman's "Ten Tools in Ten Minutes" GrokTalk, and oh my what gems there are out there.

Some I know about, some I've used (like Reflector and the TestDriven Add-in).

Others are new to me, and one particular I love!

SlickRun is, in a word, the most useful thing I've seen in ages. Okay, not a word, but you get the point.

It's wicked. Just filling it up with 'magic words' at the minute.

My biggest joy with it is in being able to open up Firefox with a bunch of tabs open already, so I can just type in pr0n, and open all the best ones just open up! It's amost a shame the R is so far away from the 0...

Just wated to share the joy...

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