Saturday, June 04, 2005

Oh so NOW I get it...

I've always been a bit mystified by the whole keyboard mappings thing. I know people really do get quite het up about keyboard mappings, and I know VS has a quite frankly bewildering keyboard mapping configuration properties thing.

I never really used it before, though.

However, I have just recently been feeling a little cheated because no software at all seems to support my very flash mouse. What I really wanted to be able to do was do some nice document navigation through my mouse. The buttons are nicely customisable, I can even assign key combinations to them (as opposed to standard operations or single keys). I was a bit miffed, though, because I can't assign keystroke chords to them (as used a lot in VS). However, through the gift of the keyboard mappings setup, I've got now got multiple keyboard combinations set up for my bookmark stuff (e.g. Next Bookmark is Ctrl+K, Ctrl+N as well as Ctrl+;). Once those are set up, I can assign the Ctrl+; combination to the 'next' button on my mouse (which I never really use anyway) and skip merrily through my code just using my mouse.

Pretty neat. I know it's nothing new at all, but it is to me. I'm impressed.

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