Thursday, June 16, 2005

Oh the whoriness of it...

So my employer let me know on Monday that I was being made redundant. I've got a few more weeks until I'm out of the door, but in the meantime I've been applying for lots of jobs.

And my word don't I feel cheap and dirty!

I've been scouring job sites and applying for everything under the sun that I think I can do. Now the thing about job sites is that all the agencies go through them. So, now my spam mailbox is loaded 24/7 with mail from a whole load of agencies. Loads of them. I've even got my mail folders organised by agency. I can tell you I've 'registered' (a rather spurious term, if ever I saw one) with some 24 different agencies.

That doesn't make me feel like a whore, though.

The thing that really makes me feel cheap and dirty, and makes me feel like I need a shower, is having to actually read every mail, and (even worse) reply to them. Normally spam is given short shrift in Benjimawoo towers. Almost no-one has my real email address, and the very few newsletters and things I subscribe to go to my spam account. Product registrations (an even more insidious route to getting spam) goes to a separate webmail account.

I digress, though. Answering unsolicited (or at best semi-solicited) mail really grates.

But hopefully it'll keep me in a job. Which will be nice. I've had a few calls from various companies, and I'm being put forward for a few positions, so hopefully, I'll have some more news shortly.

It's all good fun, though.

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