Saturday, June 18, 2005

Well here it is...

I'm spent. It's been a long a stressful week this week, what with trying to find gainful employment, keep doing my regular job and such.

However, here's my CV (or Resume for those readers who don't speak Latin. Or live in the UK). Even leveraged some weird things into it. HTML CV? Nah. That's far too boring! I know (I thought one evening aftera little too much ale) I'll do an XML CV. Then transform ti with a spot of XSL, and then just for the kicker, I'll throw in a bit o' fine CSS magic to make it look sensible.

It doesn't look too pretty at the moment. Improvements will, inevitably be coming.

Just wanted to share...

Oh yeah, and if anyone can let me know how I can get the indentation to look right on the school and employment history in Firefox, then please do. It's been driving me insane all week.

Update: The link has been changed, so it should work fine in IE now. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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