Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Aimless rambling through blogs

Sometimes it's nice to ramble aimlessly through blogs. Find one you like, find an entertaining bit of commentary, follow the link. Start over.

It's kind of like a country walk for my head. A wander thourgh a crazy forest of other people's thoughts. But I guess everyone gets that.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this metaphorical fairy-circle-with-real-life-hermit-and-complete-henge in my blog wander.

Just had to share. I particularly like rule 19:"Do you minimize your Outlook Distractions?"

I like the Outlook envelope in my taskbar. I tried for a time managing email by setting aside a specific time for checking and dealing with email, using it to plan my work for the next couple of hours and suchlike. Didn't work, though. I think because email was so abused at my old office, I'd get an email, not read it for sometimes as long as a 30 whole minutes, and have someone run over to my desk to ask me why I hadn't done whatever they'd asked me about in the mail.

Maybe I was just managing the people wrong, rather than the email. Who knows. It's all in the past. Anyway, I thought it was a right cracking little nugget. Definitely one to share with colleagues.

Just wanted to share.

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