Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Very Slack Blogger

Yes, I have been slack this week. The main reason being that I haven't been up to much, either in terms of learning, or inded in terms of writing (reminded by this).

Got my hands on VB.NET 2003. Like it. Although it's not hugely different from 2002, there are more projects 'n' stuff available from the developer community. And intellisense is quite cool - it now guesses which option I'm most likely to need when it pops up and pre-selects it. OK, it gets it wrong half the time, but certainly for now it's quite amusing.

Been reading and playing about with .NET remoting. Quite interesting. I can certainly see some practical applications for this, just haven't had the opportunity to exercise it yet...

Having a bit of a motivational crisis at the moment. Need to think of a mini-project to work on. Although ASCO, my shop project is interesting, and at the moment there's a lot of things to do to it (I've barely even started putting front-ends on anything) it's really difficult to keep it interesting. I need a break. On the up-side, I can have one whenever - I'm not doing it for a client. I'm not doing anything for a client. I can pick things up and put them down again whenerver I darned well chose. I just need something to occupy myself for a bit. Hmmm. Creating problems to solve. I'm sure I'll write an entry about this one day. In the meantime, go see secretGeek. He's kinda groovy. Although I think he needs to check out these hints on getting your keyboard clean.


Anonymous said...

secretgeek here -- didn't want to sign up and log in.

found you benjaminwoo. found ya.

Benjimawoo said...

Woo and Yay. First ever comment. Didn't think anybody would find it!

Just in case you do pop back, how did you track me down?