Friday, May 07, 2004

The Stix...

I made a key decision last night. As is usual with my decision making, it looked like it was a decision never to be made, until one single moment of epiphany when it came to me.

I'm buying VB 2003. £90 (or thereabouts). Bugger.

I was trying to put it off for as long as possible (Newby that I am, I bought VB 2002 about a week before 2003 came out!). Perhaps even waiting until 2005 comes out (although I've been thinking about thyis since Whidbey's release date was estimated at about now). But no.

I wouldn't mind, but there seems to be opportunity after opportunity to get it for free. The most recent one I've seen is here. As with all of them, though, the key to getting your free stuff seems to be 'Available to residents in USA and Canada only'. Oh the curse of living in far flung outskirts of the world (UK)!

Why is this? Is it a tax thing? Or are the European wing just too tight to make frivolous offers like that on their patch? Or are they out there, just nobody tells me about them? Hmmm. Oh well, to Amazon, Mastercard in hand!

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