Wednesday, May 26, 2004

What to do next...

Now that ASP2WMP is running more-or-less bug free, what next? Obviously there'll be a bit more testing - I haven't got ana ctual mobile device to test it with yet, so there might be a few bugs that need a bit of an ironing out.

I think I might try doing something with a web service. Although I might add a couple of comlplications to the mix.

First, I think all the SOAP messages are going to be encrypted. Good. That'll give me a chance to play about with encryption. It'll also give me a chance to play about with Web Service Extensions. I think I might build an encryption/decryption extension. Keeps it nice and independent of the web service itself, which can be written any old how, and then the appropriate extension attributes can be added to the service (and the client app).

I think I might use the existing code etc. from ASCO to do it as well. I'm bored with ordering, though. I think I'll do some sort of client picking/packing app. I haven't got the .NET CF SDK or anything, so it'll be a desktop based app for now. But I'll still use encrypted web services to do it, I think. Who knows. might even get all excited and build a little automatic logging/auditing/recording feature.

Imight not do any of those things, though. Going away for the weekend tomorrow, so I might find some inspiration in sunny Plymouth.

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