Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Well, more resurrection of an idea than anything else.

I'm trying to think of a bit of a project to work on for a bit. Obviously, not being able to code for money means that I don't have people coming to me with things they want doing. This post on ASP.NET inspired me to resurrect savageBlog. I figured, since I told someone it would be a cool thing to do, I'd best have a go myself.

I think I'll have to plan it a bit better than last time I tried to sit down and write it. One of the problems with having a lot of dead time (on the tube, in the shower, when Mrs Mawoo's shouting at me) is that I get lots of fancy ideas into my head about what I'd like to do with it. My thinking is that if I've got a plan I can work on it in a bit more of an organised way. Not a groundbreaking realization, I grant you, but still, it took me a little while to go and think about it.

I'll be using my blog to outline the plan as it unfolds, and to track progress. There won't be any specs or anything to start with, and what I do come up with will no doubt change as time goes on, but there you go.

Stage 1:

  • Blog entries stored as XML
  • XSL stylesheet displays blog entries

  • HTML in XSLT links to CSS (How's that for Acronym-tastic!)
I think I'll leave it at that for now. Unfortuantely not only do I have a short attention span, but I don't get to spend very long at any one time sitting at my computer coding right now (bah!) so once I've got that bit sorted (Get the XSD, XML, XSL and CSS written) I'll start building some functionality (probably through a WebService, but too early to say...)

I'll let you know...

Oh yeah, and sice the clocks go back sometime over the next month in the UK or so, DotNetRocks won't be on from 2-4 am Saturday morning, it'll be at the much more sociable hour of 1-3 am Saturday morning. Which'll be nice.

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