Monday, March 14, 2005

Close, but no Cigar.

There's a war on.

It's a quiet war. An underground war. Most mortals don't even know about it. It doesn't expose itself to the outside world.

But it's there. There are casualties. There are skirmishes, but mostly the war just rages and wears on. Out of site. Almost out of mind.

It's the battle of the barnets.

Carl put forward a contender the on DotNetRocks. He reckons that Paul Sheriff's hair is almost as good, if not better that Geoff's.

I am, as some people may have noticed, a big fan of Geoff's hair. I think it rocks.

I think Paul Sheriff, although he does have a fine fine head of hair, and equally fine beard, doesn't quite cut the mustard. Only because while Geoff's hair has that air on nonchalant elegance about it, Paul's looks a bit more finely tuned.

It's like this:

Joanna Lumley can be sat in her slippers and dressing gown, watching daytime TV and reading the paper and still look beautiful. She just has that air of elegance and charm that transcends what she's actually doing. She doesn't have to be doing anything in particular, she just always exudes the same air of elegance.

Like Geoff's hair.

Catherine Zeta Jones is equally foxy. She turns up to events and everything looking absolutely stunning, wherever she goes. She is absolutely jaw-droppingly attractive. However, you just know that behind every swoop of her dress, every flick of her hair lies a trail of broken people. Thousands of textile engineers, makeup artists, masseurs are now sitting somewhere having the stiffest and most well-earned drink of their lives. She looks gorgeous, but at you're always aware that there was a shedload of technical expertise went into it.

Like Paul's hair.

Don't get me wrong. It's a fine head of hair, and the hair/beard combo is among the best I've seen, but sorry. Geoff has the edge.

Go Geoff's hair!!

Apologies for creepiness.

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