Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Keeping up with the pace...

I've noticed a few strange things since I started my new job a few weeks ago. One of those things is the strange effect of learning a fairly new technology without having used the old one.

The application I'm maintaining is written in ASP 3.0. Which is fine. I can hack through it and work out what's going on fairly easily. It's just not something I've really used before. And my is this application big! I don't know if it's big in the wider schme of things, I doubt it very much, but it's way bigger than anything I've really played with before.

I can talk fairly knowledgably about a whole host of .NET stuff, and I can talk my way through OOP, SQL and a few other things fairly comfortably. The only thing is, I've only ever written anything with maybe 2 or 3 webforms, and perhaps (if I'm feeling adventurous) a couple of UserControls. I've never really dealt with anything this big.

Not that it's a problem. I know that at the end of the day, any app is just a whole series of smaller parts. One it's broken down into smaller parts, everything's easy. Getting to that stage is a bit daunting, though.

That aside, it also uses a whole load of JavaScript, which is something I thought (rather naively and hopefully, I might add) i could get away with not knowing too much about.

How wrong I was.

Oh well. Looks like I'll be reading and reading some more over the next few weeks. And writing and writing some more.

Apologies for pointlessness.

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