Thursday, March 17, 2005

It's the little things...

So I started my new job on Monday, and I must say I'm having a really good week. I've done some code stuff, done some data stuff. It's all been good.

Except for one thing.

Vending Machine Coffee.

I say again:

Vending Machine Coffee.

There are very few things on this earth that are more disappointing than hitting the button for filter coffee and getting out the stalest nastiest oldest cup of coffee in the world. I can deal with artificial whitener. I can deal with the plastic cup that burns your fingers on the way back to your desk. I can even deal with the fact that it's only a small cup, rather than the gargagntuan 'special' mug I'm used to at home (I think it was sold originally as a novelty item, rather than a usable mug). But the thing that really grates, the one thing that takes a little bit of joy out of my day is a cup of really bad, old, stale coffee.

The cruel irony of it, though, is that I drink more coffee during the day here than I used to in my old job. At the risk of lowering the tone, I now spend about an hour and a half on the tube commuting, rather than the hour I'm used to, so I can only have one cup before I leave the house, otherwise I'll rupture somethnig.

Oh well. The rest of the day way makes up for the occasional bad coffee.

Apologies for irrelevance. I'm sure I said I was going to blog some code stuff. I will eventually...

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