Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Swingy Swingy

Well, it looks like I'm going to be forced to get back into the swing of normal life after a whole week and a half out of it.

That means making many small but oh so crucial adjustments to my life.

  • Moving my joystick out of the way of my keyboard
  • Drinking only on non-school nights
  • Getting up at 6 in the morning. WTF? 6? Did I ever get up at 6? Guess I must have - that seems to be the ungodly hour my alarm's set for...
  • Coding again
  • Wearing a tie every damned day!

Very weird. It would seem that in just 2 weeks I've virtually forgotten how to type, my liver's been reduced to just a fistful of very angry scar tissue, and I've just fired up visual studio which has proudly announced that the last project I was working on was last edited on 23rd December 2004.

Eugh. Back to real life. I really hate that. I would happily never have another day off work if it meant never feeling like this ever again. Or possibly not. I haven't really decided on that one yet.

Oh yeah, the other facet of real life I need to get back into. Blogging. Okay, it's dull and no-one reads it. I have to reduce myself to making stupid pictures of other people to get anyone here, but hey, I only ever started writing this to
  1. Help me stop biting my nails (10 months and counting!),
  2. Vent my eternal frustration at my seemingly stagnant career, and...
  3. help me remember stuff I'd learnt about that day

So yes, you'll have plenty more inanity and frustration from me semi-regularly. Woo and Yay.

But having said that, Caustic Phil's got back to blogging, and he is one funny dude. If I thought I was frustrated, then I was very very wrong.

Just wanted to share.
PS - Skip the Cast and Crew Commentary on Goodfellas. It's not as interesting as it could be. Oh well.

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