Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Why not 'My'?

Going through the Environment.SpecialFolder enumeration (as in 'System.Environment.GetSpecialFolder(Folder as Environment.SpecialFolder)'), I've noticed this:

EnumerationFolder Name
MyComputerMy Computer
MyMusicMy Music
MyPicturesMy Pictures
?My Documents

Can you guess the missing value?

Yes. That's right. Score 1 for order and consistency, 0 for randomness and chaos.

The misssing value is Personal.

Personally, I'm torn. Do I prefer the consistency of 'MyDocuments'? Or do I prefer 'Personal' and its cheeky rebellion against the word 'My'? I mean, 'PersonalPictures' just sounds rude, doesn't it?

Tricky. Just wanted to share.

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