Monday, February 14, 2005

Aaah Valentine's day...

The one day of the year when no matter how caring, considerate, kind and altogether frightfully lovely you are every single day, it ain't worth diddly if you don't turn to with a suitably romantic card and a bunch of flowers.

You can be a god-like boyfriend. You can:

  • Read your partner bed-time stories to help her sleep
  • Stroke her hair and cuddle her until she goes to sleep every night, any time of day or night, particulately if she's not feeling well
  • Be at her beck-and-call any time day or night to go to the kitchen and fetch a drink
And all manner of gestures and sweetitudes every day

But if you haven't got a card, maybe flowers, perhaps chocs, even a restaurant prepared and at the ready, everything you do all year round, every single day is worthless.

If men tried to pull that kind if stunt every darned year, we'd find ourselves pretty damned single pretty damned quick.

You see, much as I hate people who harp on about the commercialism of things, I never really liked valentine's day. Not because a bunch of roses that'd set you back about £5 for the rest of the year suddenly shoots up to £15. Not because even if you can find a restaurant with a table for 2, you're forced to eat what they want you to eat, whilst listening to Barry White. No. I really hate Valentine's Day because it encourages people to totally take their partners for granted. Which I hate.

And you're only allowed to argue with this point if you meet all the following criteria:
  • You have a partner
  • You didn't get a card or gift from them
  • You're cool with that
  • You looked your partner in the eyes (the eyes are important!) and told them you loved them within the last 24 hours
  • You hugged your partner in bed last night, and not just because it's February and freezing in your part of the world
Only then can you argue with me.

Just wanted to share. Apologies for grumpiness.

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