Thursday, February 03, 2005

Paradoxical UI

I just had a thought. It was about how we like things just the way we like them, for no apparent reason.

I just had a minor mishap with Access, and it froze and wouldn't close down. What do I do? I open up Task Manager and hit 'End Task' to make it shut down.

So what happens then? A dialog pops up asking me if I really want to end the task or not. So I hit 'End Now', as I have done every single time I've ever seen this dialog box. I think in the years I've been using WinXP (I was on Win 98 before, and can't remember if it did that or not) I've hit cancel on that dialog maybe twice.

But (and here's where it gets weird) I feel strangely reassured that I'm given the choice. I don't exercise that right to chose. I choose the same thing each and every time. I even sometimes wish that 'End Now' was the default because I always use it. I don't, however, ever get annoyed with this unneccesary dialog popping up.

Weird that. I'm not even being sarcastic. I genuinely am reassured by the dialog that pops up and checks that after I've opened up Task Manager and chosen my task to end before hitting 'End Task' I really want to end it.

Just wanted to share.

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