Thursday, November 25, 2004

GUI History

There are precious few resources out there (it seems) for designing interfaces. My perennial favourite, the IArchitect Hall of Shame is out of date, although a lot of the principles underlying it still apply, as reflected at Pixelcentric's site, and UI Patterns and Techniques gives a good overview on common ways of interacting with users..

But for a bit of history, and to put where we are in terms of GUI's now into a bit of context, I've just found the GUIdebook which not only gives a good overview of what's about at the moment in terms of GUI's, but also a bit of an overview of where they've come from, and how they've developed over time.

I'll most likely be spending quite a bit of today (between my 'regular' work) reading up on that.

Just wanted to share.

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