Tuesday, November 02, 2004

New Toys! NEW TOYS!!

Well, after my birthday, I've got myself a couple of new toys to be playing with.

SQL Server Developer Edition. SQL Server's one of those biiig gaps in my skills. Although I've read quite a lot (and even used quite a bit) about database design, normalisation, stored procedures security and stuff, it's always been using Access to put together DB's on MSDE. I never even SAW query analyser until just a couple of months ago.

But that's been cured now. I've got a proper DBMS now, so that's alright.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Now this has got me all excited. This has got me out of bed early. This is a sexy mother of a game. It's really boring at times - Watching the AutoPilot steer you from Plymouth (my home town) to Exeter (where the ladies of Plymouth go for a day shopping) isn't really that exciting. But I'm stil getting over the novelty of being able to take off from Plymouth Airport, fly over the Tamar river, buzz the very same bridge that my dad goes over to get to work every day and land in a town I once sang in (they have a cathedral there, and I sang in it once.). It's got some really cool real world maps and stuff, and it covers THE ENTIRE WORLD! I'm quite impressed, anyway.

Oh yeah, and I got some SQL Server books as well. I'm currently reading Professional SQL Server Programming. It's quite good.

Expect some posts in the future about SQL and MSFS (apart from the usual .NET ramblings, rants and misc. stuff).

Although they won't be particularly frequent - for some reason, I seem to have been really really busy for the past few weeks. I'm hoping it doesn't last!

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