Friday, November 19, 2004

Somebody must have changed their aggregator...

Just checked my RSS feed logs, and I think someone must have changed their aggregator of choice. Not just one person, but a few.

Normally, I run at about 11 subscribers (Yes, 11 whole people!!), but it's shot up today to 14. Either 3 people have shared me with their friends, or 3 people have changed aggregators.

If I have acquired some more people, then hi! If not, then let me know what you're using. If it's good enough for 25% of my readership to migrate, then it must be good!

Just wanted to share.

PS - One of these days (maybe even this evening), I'll write something a bit more substantial. I've had a million and one thoughts in my head all day today, and I gotta write about them! And I might even write something useful too, about SQL Server (OK, useful to me...).

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