Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Aha! And erm...

Back from sunny Plymouth yesterday. I might even get some pics up shortly.

I did, however, find this post that answers all the questions I've been trying to find answers to re. developing applications for devices on the cheap.

I need to do some more researching as well on running Windows Services on a different acount, or at least try to find out more about WMP's media library. The ASP2WMP remoting object works fine and dandy if I run it as a console app. That's great for development and testing, and also gives me a chance to use it now and again (just to feel all warm inside!) but now I want to develop it a bit further so I don't have to run that app.

I guess there are several ways I could do it. I could look at running the service as me, thus (hopefully) getting access to my version of WMP's media library. I could see about setting up the shared media player object so it specifies a library to check out. I could even look at an alternative to listing and selecting tracks from WMP's in-built Media Library. Hmmm. Much to think about.

And I've got to go to Plymouth again next weekend too!

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