Thursday, June 17, 2004

Coupla interesting links

I don't usually post links on their own. It's not a conscious thing, it's just that normally when I blog it's not because I've found something interesting online, normally it's just because I've done something that (I at any rate) find a bit interesting, or overcome a bit of a problem.

However, I've found a couple of really quite nice blogs in my miscellaneous wanderings.

  • Sikko2Go seems at a glance to be in a similar boat to me, certainly in terms of .NET development. Bit of a newbie, but he's got some interesting things to say about some of his experiences.
  • Cathi Gero has probably forgotten more about data widgetry than I will ever know. She's posted some really quite cool tips and tricks when working with ADO.NET.
That is all.
PS - Just found something that made me chuckle -'s spelling checker doesn't include the word 'blog'.

1 comment:

Arjan Zuidhof said...

Thank you for the really kind words :)
Btw, what a coincidence that you mention me and Cathi Gero's blog in the same post: I discovered her blog just this week ...