Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Orphan Project

Sadly the face recogniser project has died.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

1) After I started coding it, I discovered it was more of a maths problem than a programming problem. Which would be fine, but it's just not the kind of thing I was planning on doing.
2) I got bored.

Not being a paid programmer, I have the dubious luxury of being able to start and stop projects at will. Which is kinda nice in a way, but kinda not in others. It's kinda nice because it means I'm not beholden to anyone or anything. I don't have deadlines to work to, and I can spend as muchtime as I like exploring and experimenting, which sometimes turns up something interesting. On the downside, it does mean that I've got nothing to push me to overcome something difficult/tedious. Difficult's not a problem. I like to think I'm driven enough to overcome, or even welcome difficult challenges. Boring's the killer. Being a mathematician at heart, I have a tendency to sometimes look at a problem, think to myself 'Hey, there is a solution. Cool.' and leave it there, rather than going through and actually finish what I'm doing. I must work on that, I think.

My new project is a little lightweight mini blogging app. It'll work offline and online, and synchronize either manually or automatically, depending on whether I'm connected or not. It'll have a facility for comments, as well as an RSS feed.

Osteensibly it's to make me get my head round working with XML, both as XML in isolation and the classes and tools surrounding XML in the .NET framework.

Haven't decided exactly how it's going to work, yet, but I think it'll have a few components to it:
1) Windows forms app to edit/add/delete blog posts
2) Webforms app to view online/add comments etc.
3) HTML modules to add simple tracking facilities

That'll keep me going for now, I think.

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