Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sorted... ish!

Well I managed to get my ASP2WMP service running properly. One thing nobody ever told me, however, was that blank passwords aren't allowed for a few interesting things. Yes, yes, yes, I know it's needed for security, and yes, I know it would be computer doom, but a littel warning would have been nice.

Until today my account wasn't password protected. I didn't reckon I needed it to get onto my computer at home. I trust myself and I trust Mrs Mawoo not to do anything nasty. However, when I tried to install the service, it would either prompt me for a password if I set it like this:

Me.ServiceProcessInstaller1.Password = nothing
Me.ServiceProcessInstaller1.Username = "COMPUTER\Ben"
and kick out an error during installation, just saying that the password was wrong, or when put in like this:
Me.ServiceProcessInstaller1.Password = "
Me.ServiceProcessInstaller1.Username = "COMPUTER\Ben"
it installed fine, but then I couldn't start the service. It said there was a logon problem.

It was only through finding an app, selecting 'Run As...' and trying to run it as a different account that it helpfully told me that I couldn't do things like that with non-password protected accounts. Aha!

Created a password, installed the service using that password (yes, I know I could have done it through MMC, but I daresay I'm going to be reinstalling it some point) and now it works like a beauty. So when I get my sexy new phone, I can navigate through my music etc. from that without even logging in. Cool eh?

Still means I have to type in my password every time I log in, though, which s a bit of a pain. One day I might look at creating a user account that works with it, but isn't mine. I'll leave that until another day, though.

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