Monday, June 28, 2004

Damned Bluetooth

Just spent an entire weekend trying to make my new Bluetooth Adapter work with my phone (Did I mention I got a new phone?). And my word is it difficult!

In theory, I just plug the adapter in, it sets itself up with a virtual serial port, and then I just point activesync to the virtual COM port and voila. Activesynch working over Bluetooth. Lovely.

Except it doesn't always happen like that.

I've tried everything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled everything a coupla times, I've tried every configuration under the sun to try and get it to work, and nada. Grrr. Looks like I'll be spending another evening doing more of the same. Mrs Mawoo's out tonight, so I'll be able to get really hostile about it.


It wouldn't be so bad, but Mrs Mawoo also got a new phone tis weekend, and you know what? It works a treat. We've been swapping files, ringotnes and pictures between her phone and my machine all evening. Grrr!

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