Friday, June 18, 2004

Maintaining the Myth

Just read this over at secretGeek.

This kind of mollycoddling that gets me all riled up. It's this kind of stuff that perpetuates the constant snobbery from C-derivative users about VB users. It's pointes out here that it doesn't happen in C# at all!

How could hiding members make writing anything other than really really confusing. Picture the scene, you're doing something. You go to use a property, and then trusty intellisense tells you that it's not there!

Okay (thinks you) Maybe it's not a Shared member (maybe) maybe I need to create an instance of the class, and then it'll appear. So you go ahead, tweak your code, create a new instance of widget and lo and behold, it doesn't appear in intellisense. Bugger.

Check the object browser. Yup, it's there. Nope, it's not private, so I should be able to use it, right?

So (really damned counter intuitively) you go against what intellisense is suggesting to you and you bung the member in the you now KNOW is there (after relatively extensive research) and see how it turns out.

Okay, so it compiles and runs fine. Good. But wouldn't it be easier if it came up in the options in the first place?

Grrr. I got tripped up by this one when I first started using VB!

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