Thursday, December 02, 2004

Another reason why I won't be moving to Spaces just yet...

I just tried to show Mrs Mawoo the joy of blogging. I think MSN Spaces is quite well suited to people like Mrs Mawoo.

I'm afraid I'm with Scoble on its current shortcomings. Mrs Mawoo isn't, though.

She doesn't care about playing with CSS, HTML and all that. She just wants something she can set up in 2 minutes, drag some elements about the page and type away. Job done.

I know it's still only in Beta, and I know when it's unleashed on the world in toto it'll be much slicker than it is right now, but damn, it's slow to load. I tried to show her my blog (I have a blank Spaces blog up there at the moment, in case I ever do fancy moving) and by the time the page loaded she'd lost interest.

Oh well. I'm sure I'll convert her someday!

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